b3v1 asked: "I asked a question about Busker Busker but I wasn't able to listen to the entire radio broadcast to see if you answered the question, do you remember your answer or do have a recording of your older radio shows??"

Ah I believe I answered that question during the second show, which I do not have a recording of :( it was whether I still considered Busker Busker indie, correct? To answer that again here (and I offered some inaccurate info when I was talking about it on the show, so I’ll try to make sense of it all with what I’ve learned since then):

Honestly I don’t really know whether they qualify as ‘indie’ or not because although they do have their own agency, they are under CJ E&M who produces and distributes them I believe. I guess you can say that they had an ‘indie’ beginning (which is also questionable, but if we try to get into justifying whether busking and writing songs on your own immediately qualifies you as ‘indie’, this would get too complex) - but now they’re under one of the biggest companies in Korea. Of course, everything depends on your definition of ‘indie’ which is a very flexible term nowadays. 

I don’t honestly know! whatever you want to think. 

Anonymous asked: "I think they were asking for the radio show.. aren't you doing girl groups this week?"


THANK YOU OH MAN everything makes SO much more sense! 

I’ve completely forgotten about the show - yes, it’s girl group special this week! 

(also if the GLAM anon sees this - pass me your name too!) 

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Anonymous asked: "what did you think of nell's latest release? :')"

ahaha I talked a lot about this on my radio show last week (which i have a recording of… so maybe i should post that sometime) but um. yeah. this is probably my least favourite Nell release to date. 

but the title track is really cute. 

Anonymous asked: "I think that anon is in the wrong place. That's an old Kpop song. XD"

yeah isn’t GLAM a relatively new idol group? hm. 

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Anonymous asked: "can i request "party (xxo)" by GLAM, if you have time? ;~;"

sorry I don’t think I completely understand what you are requesting… 

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Track Title: 밤이 내린다

Artist: 숨의숲 (Guitar feat.유현종)

Album: 밤이 내린다


숨의숲 (Guitar feat.유현종) - 밤이 내린다

Track Title: 좋다 말았네

Artist: 장기하와 얼굴들

Album: 좋다 말았네

Kiha & the Faces | I Almost Had It

Anonymous asked: "heads up for anyone in texas. On march 12, there's gonna be a FREE concert at Hogg Auditorium at UT. The line up is Big Phony, Rock N Roll Radio, No Brain, Love X Stereo, and Kiha & The Faces. Just search up EXPOSURE: 2014, Korea First Music Showcase on fb for more info."

YOOOO AYOOO that’s so great. i’m so jealous oh man! SIGNAL BOOST!

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Track Title: Still Bright

Artist: WAGWAK

Album: Lost The Will (EP)

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