Anonymous asked: "I was just curious,because you listen to so many indie artists with so many different music styles,what are your top 10 korean indie artists? :)"

eerrrp that’s kind of difficult because i feel like it fluctuates a lot, and i may say a band’s my favourite but i might’ve not listened to them for months. but anyway: casker, eaeon/mot, lucid fall, gogo party, broccoli you too, thornapple, eastern sidekick, nastyona. i feel like those artists kind of have a special place in my heart i guess! 

Track Title: 안개

Artist: 짙은

Album: diaspora : 흩어진 사람들

짙은 안개 속에 들어갔을 때
뭐가 제일 좋았는지 얘기해줄까?

내 눈은 그댈 찾기 위해 빛나고
내 손은 그댈 잡기 위해 존재하는 것

Do you want to know what my favorite part was
when we were in the dark fog?
My eyes shining only to find you
My hands existing only to hold you

Track Title: SUMMER

Artist: Hansalchae

Hansalchae - SUMMER

Track Title: 빛 (Light)

Artist: 루시드 폴 (Lucid Fall)

Album: 3집 - 국경의 밤 (Night At The Border)
빛 (Light) by 루시드 폴 (Lucid Fall)

Anonymous asked: "What other artists/bands do you listen to? (besides korean)"

Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been internetless in the house for the last few weeks!! also other asks.. I’ll get to you guys eventually, I’m so sorry!

Ummm I listen to mainly music in English when I’m not listening to Korean music. My all-time favourite non-Korean musician is probably Patrick Wolf. I don’t really have many favourites other than that in non-Korean music haha. But recently I’m listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence album, Haim (because I’ll be seeing them in August!), Angel Haze, Natalia Kills, St. Vincent, Chvrches,The Horrors, Purity Ring (always)…. also Tokimonsta is pretty good?? She’s Korean-American! 

umm you can check out my profile if you are really curious! 

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I was wondering if you happened to know any stores/shops in Korea that sells indie albums?"

Any of the big cd stores should also carry a pretty decent indie collection, I believe. Big Kyobo stores have a Hottracks (their music/dvd sub-store thing) in them, so you can try that, I’ve seen a lot of indie albums there. Other than that, there are independent record stores scattered throughout the country. I know that there’s a couple in the Hongdae area, Kimbap Records, Purple Record, then there’s the Hyang Record Store in Shinchon. Mihwadang has closed down for good, I believe. Which is kinda sad… 

Also if you go to a big department store (Shinsegye, Hyundai, Lotte, etc…) they might also have a CD/DVD section, but I believe they carry a much smaller collection.

Hongdae’s Purple Record, Shinchon’s Hyang Music, and any of the Kyobo Stores with Hottracks would be your safest bet! 

If anybody else knows other stores, let us know! :) 

Track Title: Walk In the Rain

Artist: Zzyzx Project

Album: Walk In the Rain - Single


ZZYZX Project - Walk in the Rain

I love guys with ajhussi voices, especially when they sing such emphatic alternative folk. 

FYI, ZZYZX is pronounced Ji-Jiks 

Track Title: 1229

Artist: 후추스

Album: 우리는

1229 / 후추스

Track Title: Good Luck to All

Artist: J Rabbit

Album: Stop & Go

#NP - Blood by Goonam

Goonamguayeoridingstella (aka ‘Goonam’) is a trippy-hippy, retro-electro rock act whose cosmic booty jams provide groovy, happy ending music for the soul.

The best korean indie music I’ve stumbled across so far.