Track Title: Go

Artist: Human Race (휴먼레이스)

Album: 추억의 습관


Human Race (휴먼레이스) - Go

Anonymous asked: "Hi!^^ Just wondering if you've heard of/seen any updates from Thornapple?"

did someone say… THORNAPPLE?! 

where have you been, anon! they’ll be releasing their 2nd album on June 12! they released the album cover on May 27 (it looks very ambient noise rock imo) and the pre-order for the album started a day after or so, I believe? they’ll be holding their album release concert on June 29. the concert was sold out minutes after the tickets opened hah 

check out their twitter for more updates but yes they’re coming…… 

Track Title: Wolf

Artist: Hologram Film

Album: Into The Wild

Hologram Film | Wolf


little gals

Track Title: 호밀밭

Artist: Small o

Album: Temper Of Water

Small O | Rye Field 

Track Title: 재클린

Artist: Phonebooth

Album: Wonder

Phonebooth | Jacklyn

Anonymous asked: "do you still listen to other songs that aren't korean like jrock or etc and if you do do you have any recomendation? i love listening to k-indie& k-rock but i want to spice it up a little if that make sense?"

I’ve pretty much stopped listening to Japanese music nowadays that aren’t Perfume or Kyary lol but I still listen to a lot of music by English-speaking artists? I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, though…. 

Track Title: Sun Sun Sun

Artist: Ninaian

Album: For A Little Cruise

Ninaian | Sun Sun Sun

Track Title: 서울

Artist: 피네

Album: 서로의 도시

Fine | Seoul

hhansanghyuk asked: "thank you for existing holy shit this blog is everything ive ever needed q u q can i ask how you got into this type of music? and how you know so much about it bc idk its really hard for me to find out more about such an out-of-the-way genre as much as id like to (wow this got longer than i expected it to be im so sorry)"

oh don’t be sorry! thanks for the message :) If I remember correctly I got into Korean rock music around… hmm.. 6-7 years ago??? I originally listened to more of j-rock (this is when I was super into anime and stuff haha), and then when I visited Korea for a summer vacation I got into more of Korean music because I was exposed to it, but I mainly listened to a lot of ballads because that was something that I really liked and was different from what I was used to (American pop/rock, Japanese rock, etc.). Also I believe it was 2007? ballads were huuuuuuge then. (SG wannabe, Buzz, MC The Max, anyone?)  

then naturally I started listening to more underground stuff because I guess that was where my main musical preferences lay (alternative rock, that kind of stuff). First I started off with the more popular bands of course, like Nell, Jaurim, No Brain, but then I keep discovering really great bands and somehow ended up staying in this general area (?) for years… 

back then was kinda tough to get information because the scene wasn’t as popular abroad and twitter (a godsend) didn’t exist so it was difficult to get updates or whatnot from bands. I mostly relied on Korean communities like the indie band gallery on DC Inside, Kim Kija’s indie music community on daum, etc. etc. to find new bands or updates. indiefulrok run by the wonderful Anna was helpful as well. actually helped tremendously too, because there was already a pretty solid group of korean indie music listeners on, and I’d always creep what people were listening to or the similar artists section of the bands I liked.  

anyway this was super long too wowie. it was also probably a lot easier for me to find out more about it because I am Korean. but like… things have gotten soooo much better since I first got into the music! most bands/artists have twitter so you get direct updates without having to join cyworld communities, there are some really great websites that post updates in English, so many bands release their music internationally on bandcamp/itunes, bands even do shows abroad… god I’m getting really sappy wow. anyway. yeah hope that made sense!