Track Title: 가시내들

Artist: 바버렛츠(The Barberettes)

Album: 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1

The Barberettes - 가시내들

Track Title: 136-140

Artist: 파블로프

Album: 26
136-140 / 파블로프

Track Title: 비가 오는 날에

Artist: O.O.O

Album: 비가 오는 날에


O.O.O - 비가 오는 날에

Track Title: 어느 가을

Artist: 한희정 (Han Hee Jung)

Album: 잔혹한 여행


어느 가을 (One Autumn) by 한희정 (Han Hee Jung)

lyrics & translation by fuckyeahkindie
live performance

Track Title: 사막의 왕

Artist: 아무밴드

Album: 이판을사

Anonymous asked: "hii~ i'm currently looking for edits, fan art, that kind of stuff related to k-indie. any suggestion? google didn't help much. thanks x"

eek I don’t think I’ll be much help with that. Maybe you could look up specific artists on tumblr/twitter and hope that something comes up… 

posted 1 month ago

Anonymous asked: "Hi!! First off I really like your blog since it made me discover bands like 언니네이발관 secondly I was wondering if you like kim ye rim's music I really enjoyed her 'her voice' album,there are some pretty solid songs on there :)"

I like kim ye rim! she has such a pretty voice :) 


RuRuRu - Please Pretend Not to Know

Track Title: Go

Artist: Human Race (휴먼레이스)

Album: 추억의 습관


Human Race (휴먼레이스) - Go

Anonymous asked: "Hi!^^ Just wondering if you've heard of/seen any updates from Thornapple?"

did someone say… THORNAPPLE?! 

where have you been, anon! they’ll be releasing their 2nd album on June 12! they released the album cover on May 27 (it looks very ambient noise rock imo) and the pre-order for the album started a day after or so, I believe? they’ll be holding their album release concert on June 29. the concert was sold out minutes after the tickets opened hah 

check out their twitter for more updates but yes they’re coming……