Another hip-hop / recent releases show today for two hours! Join us on twitter at @radiochicken

Track Title: 아무도 모르게 (Nobody Knows)

Artist: 폰부스 (Phonebooth)

Album: Wonder


song of the day

Track Title: Two Voices

Artist: 모리

Album: 당신이 행복하다면 이 음악은 듣지마세요


Two Voices - Morrie

Anonymous asked: "For chicken broadcast, i didnt know if you meant new released hip hop or new released summer? If it can be any song, could you play The Quiett's 한번뿐인 인생? So glad you are doing chicken broadcast again! -yoomyoom"

BOTH! a bit of hip-hop in general (so could be old & new), plus some notable recent releases or releases from the summer from all genres (but mainly alternative/indie/non-mainstream). 

Thanks for the req! 

posted 1 month ago

Chicken Broadcast will be Thursday Sep 11, 10pm-12am CST this week!

Hi Korean music lovers!

Change in schedule for Chicken Broadcast (@radiochicken) this week! The show will happen tomorrow (Sept 11, Thursday) 10pm-12am CST instead of the usual Saturday time slot! Look up the time in your local time zone if you want to tune in from a diff. time zone!

This week will continue from last week’s, and focus on some hip-hop & notable summer/recent releases. 

Send in your song requests via ask to this tumblr (don’t forget to include your name) or the twitter above! 


Track Title: 착시 (Illusion)

Artist: 전기흐른

Album: Guilty Pleasure

Illusion | Electricity Flowing

Track Title: Lost In Love

Artist: 야광토끼 (Neon Bunny)

Album: 마이 시크릿 호텔 (tvN 월화드라마) OST - Part.2


Neon Bunny — “Lost in Love” (My Secret Hotel OST)

Fans of this show’s music selection, rejoice: the second official OST has been released!

Track Title: 어른

Artist: 투데이스페셜

Album: Reloaded
어른 / 투데이스페셜

Track Title: I'd Also Love To See You Dying

Artist: Puer Kim

Album: Purifier

Puer Kim - I’d Also Love To See You Dying

Track Title: 물의 아이

Artist: 강아솔

Album: 해녀, 이름을 잇다

Child of the Water | Kang A Sol