Track Title: 쉬고 싶어 (New Ver.)

Artist: 빌리어코스티

Album: 소란했던 시절에


빌리어코스티 - 쉬고 싶어

Track Title: 순간 (A Moment)

Artist: Cocoon Bells

Day 03/30A song that makes you happy.

Cocoon Bells - 순간 (A Moment)

Often, when I find myself in a uplifting mood for no apparent reason—- I play the music corresponding to how I feel. Sounds weird, right? Well, I happened to pass this artist on a Youtube playlist mix (while I was out and about in a small venue) and couldn’t help but smile. With a cup of my favorite blended Turtle Mocha and earbuds pushed in.. On that slight chilly day, I sketched an image of myself back on a sunny beach somewhere far off from where I am now.. Gazing at the sunset and allowing my sorrows to.. Be released. 

Track Title: By My Side

Artist: Zitten


Zitten - By My Side 

Track Title: 빔 집

Artist: 봄로야

Album: 사라의 짐

빈 집 / 봄로야 

Track Title: 청춘, 흐르다

Artist: Second Step

Album: 청춘, 흐르다
Second Step - 청춘, 흐르다

Track Title: O

Artist: ookoorookoo

Album: O



Anonymous asked: "could you please upload the full version of "style by sentimental scenery" ??? i've been looking for it everywhere and I can't find it D:"

sorry! don’t have it :( 

posted 1 month ago

Track Title: Grotta Azzurra

Artist: Smalltalk (스몰토크)

Album: 1집 Warm Energy


"Grotta Azzura" by 스몰토크 (Smalltalk)

Track Title: 그녀의 바다

Artist: Fromm

Album: 그녀의 바다


FROMM (프롬) - 그녀의 바다