Track Title: 데미안 (Sentimental Scenery Remix Ver.)

Artist: Lucia

Album: LUCIA Bedroom Classic
Lucia - 데미안 (Sentimental Scenery Remix Ver.)

Track Title: Stay

Artist: Savina & Drones

Album: Gayo


SAVINA & DRONES (사비나 앤 드론즈) - Stay

Track Title: Happy Together

Artist: 굴소년단

Album: Tiger Soul

Oyster Boys | Happy Together

Track Title: Perfect Ending (of Perfect Day)

Artist: 코어매거진 (CoreMagaZinE)

Album: Rude Banquet


CoreMagaZinE - Perfect Ending

Track Title: 별 두개

Artist: 바닐라 어쿠스틱(Vanilla Acoustic)

Album: Eudaimonia

Vanilla Acoustic- 별 두개

Track Title: 이별의 식탁

Artist: Side Ponytail

Album: 우리끼리 손난로

이별의 식탁 - 사이드 포니테일 (Side Ponytail)

GOGOSTAR - Broken Night MV

Track Title: Teddy Bear Rises

Artist: OOHYO (우효)

Album: Girl Sense​(​소녀감성)

OOHYO | Teddy Bear RIses

Anonymous asked: "I was just curious,because you listen to so many indie artists with so many different music styles,what are your top 10 korean indie artists? :)"

eerrrp that’s kind of difficult because i feel like it fluctuates a lot, and i may say a band’s my favourite but i might’ve not listened to them for months. but anyway: casker, eaeon/mot, lucid fall, gogo party, broccoli you too, thornapple, eastern sidekick, nastyona. i feel like those artists kind of have a special place in my heart i guess! 

Track Title: 안개

Artist: 짙은

Album: diaspora : 흩어진 사람들

짙은 안개 속에 들어갔을 때
뭐가 제일 좋았는지 얘기해줄까?

내 눈은 그댈 찾기 위해 빛나고
내 손은 그댈 잡기 위해 존재하는 것

Do you want to know what my favorite part was
when we were in the dark fog?
My eyes shining only to find you
My hands existing only to hold you