Track Title: Be Your

Artist: Richard Parkers

Album: Be Your


RICHARD PARKERS (리차드파커스) - Be Your

Track Title: 세상끝 소년

Artist: 언더그레이 모노사운드


세상끝 소년 / 언더그레이 모노사운드 

Track Title: 오월

Artist: lalasweet

Album: 너의세계


LALASWEET (랄라스윗) - 오월

Track Title: 그 밤 (feat. 나인 Of 디어클라우드)

Artist: HOLOGRAM FILM (홀로그램 필름)

Album: INTO THE WILD 1st Album
(14.03.27) Hologram Film (홀로그램 필름)
That Night ft. Nine of Dear Cloud
그 밤 (feat. 나인 Of 디어클라우드)

Track Title: 뜨거운 날이

Artist: 꽃잠 프로젝트

Album: Smile, Bump (EP)


꽃잠 프로젝트 (Ggotjam Project) - 뜨거운 날이 (Summer)

Track Title: Magical Lights

Artist: Ludistelo

Album: Water Roof


Ludistelo - Magical Lights


Track Title: I've Got This Feeling (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

Artist: Glen Check

Album: I've Got This Feeling Remixes WEB


Glen Check - I’ve Got This Feeling (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

Track Title: Knocking On Hell's Door

Artist: Stoned

Album: 동백락원 컴필레이션


Loving this track from a k-indie compilation of artists from Busan

Loving this whole compilation, really, but this track is my favorite

ON THE EDGE OF YOUTH; a two-part korean electronic & alternative playlist for the last spring break of your life. 

vol.1 {listen}

  1. "Young Generation" Glen Check 
  2. "Melodie" Idiotape
  3. "Holiday" Mayson the Soul feat. Beenzino
  4. "Skywalker" Cassette Schwarzenegger 
  5. "Where’s Dance" Clazzi feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child 
  6. "You’re The One" Telepathy feat. Ondahl 
  7. "Love Is All" The Ratios
  8. "Somewhere Underground Tonight" Yamagata Tweakster
  9. "Make Us Whole" Demicat
  10. "좋을거야" Smells feat. Lee Yoon Jung of EE
  11. "Plastic Heart" Neon Bunny
  12. "Black Skies" From The Airport
  13. "소년은 달린다" Eniac 
  14. "서울의 밤 청춘의 밤" Mongoose 

vol.2 {listen}

  1. "12:00" The Koxx
  2. "Ready To Go" Look And Listen
  3. "뜨거운 너는 내게 말했지" We Are The Night
  4. "Antifreeze" The Black Skirts
  5. "108" The Lads
  6. "The Way" Bulldog Mansion
  7. "우리 지금 만나" Kiha & The Faces
  8. "Shut Up & Dance" Rock’n’Roll Randio
  9. "For All Dancers" Peppertones 
  10. "니가 더 섹시해 괜찮아" 3rd Line Butterfly
  11. "저기 목마른 개 왔다 간다" Eastern Sidekick
  12. "Run Again" Ondahl
  13. "Swimming Pool" Bye Bye Badman
  14. "청춘 만만세" The Freaks
  15. "구름" Telefly
  16. "Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day" Thornapple (Kona cover) 

Track Title: 부탁 (Acoustic version)

Artist: 비스웟 (Be Sweet)

Album: 1집 Lost of Spring


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