Chicken Broadcast goes Film OST this week!

Chicken Broadcast will be doing a film-themed show this Saturday! Which will definitely mean more talking, but we’ll be playing some lovely soundtracks (both instrumental and with vocals!) from some awesome Korean movies. If you have any Korean movie soundtracks, please submit a request with your name here

Track Title: 옆집소년효과

Artist: Julia Hart

Album: 인디 달링을 찾아서


JULIA HART (줄리아하트) - 옆집소년효과

Track Title: 아무것도 아닌 노래

Artist: 미틈 (MITM)

Album: FOUND TRACKS Vol. 24

MITM | 아무것도 아닌 노래

stardustoblivion asked: "ahhhhhh that show OST idea thing is the best~~~~ i will definitely bombard you with requests if you go with that. like i know that a lot of kdrama soundtracks are full of weepy ballads but some PDs actually have really great taste (Coffee Prince anyone?) If you do it, would you also feature any standout instrumentals, or just limit it to songs with vocals?"

yeah please! the current playlist I’ve started is mostly instrumentals right now from movie soundtracks (I’ve crammed the most lee byung woo i could have in one program lol ugh the best) and a couple of songs from movies, but no drama soundtracks yet. if I can somehow get a film ost show long enough for 2hrs (and I’ll probably talk a lot more too), I might just do a separate one for movies and another show for dramas! 

taerection asked: "Def def def def look at Soulmate's OST if you do that. Idt there's a ton of Korean music on it, but there's some, and it's legit the best ost I've heard."

ooh thanks! will do. 

Anonymous asked: "are you still tracking people who do the 30 days of korean indie challenge?"

No I stopped doing that a while ago. 

posted 1 week ago

Anonymous asked: "OMG I JUST HEARD ONE SONG AND IM HOOKED!!! thankyou!!!"

oh yay! :) 

posted 1 week ago

Anonymous asked: "for show ideas maybe an ost week? favorite songs from korean dramas or movies."

yahhhhh!! I was thinking of doing that sometime in the future. I don’t watch a lot of dramas but it’d be fun nonetheless - I already started a soundtrack playlist, so I’ll probably do that later when I have more stuff, but yes, definitely! :) thanks 

Track Title: 쓰담쓰담

Artist: 밀크티

Album: 쓰담쓰담


밀크티 (Milktea) - 쓰담쓰담