Artist: we hate jh

Album: demotivation


we hate jh - 20 

favorite song at the moment <3

didn’t know I was weeping
got no reason why

this is too cruel to nineteen myself.
i haven’t grown up yet.

things getting calm down,
only cold emotions are mixed on my back.

don’t say this is the end.
don’t get me humble cause I’m not changed.
i don’t want to grow up anymore
i’m standing on the edge, please save me.

still cannot see the darkness.
the world is just a lump.

surrounded by troubles that I’ve had
becoming pointless with no answer

throw myself to useless thoughts.
(broken, only lies)

i don’t wanna grown up.
i am standing on the edge.
i don’t wanna grown up.
i’m Hollowed, please take me.
this is my last time.
i don’t wanna grown up.
i’m dried up, please take me out.

Track Title: 너를 잃다

Artist: 홀린

Album: Glint Back Light

너를 잃다 / 홀린

Track Title: 내 사람

Artist: Jang Kiha & the Faces

Album: 사람의 마음


JANG KIHA & THE FACES (장기하와 얼굴들) - 내 사람

nineteenfiftysix asked: "For that anon who asked for some korean punk/hc bands: Hollow Jan (post-rock tinged screamo/post-hc), 49 Morphines (post-hardcore, similar to Hollow Jan), The Veggers (garage-punk), All I Have (hardcore/crossover thrash), Banran (thrashcore), Things We Say (youth crew hardcore), feverdogs (garage-rock), ...Whatever That Means (skate-punk), Look And Listen (old-school pop-punk), Dead Gakkahs (female-fronted thrashcore), 14Left (melodic hardcore, kinda like Boysetsfire)"

yess thank you!!

yvetteoduro asked: "Hi i just recently got into k-indie music and i love it and i was wondering what your top favourite k-indie songs are?"

that’s a really difficult question and my favourite songs change all the time!

Recently I’ve been really into:

and some of my all-time favourites include:

phew yeah and tons more!! 

Anonymous asked: "hello!! can you recommend me bands like yellow monsters? thank you!!"

Uhh that’s all I can think of at the moment, tbh I don’t listen to a lot of punk so I’m probably not the best person to ask! If anybody else has suggestions let us know~ 

Track Title: Gangs Are Bule

Artist: 쾅프로그램

Album: 나 아니면 너


Track Title: 행복해 (Feat. 타루)

Artist: 커피소년

Album: 커피소년 세번째 음악로스팅

Coffee Boy | 행복해 (Feat. 타루)

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I'm starting to lisen to K-indie bands. What bands do you recommends for someone who is starting?"

I don’t know! that’d really depend on what kind of music you’re into. if you give me more detail maybe I can help you - or just try listening through a bunch of songs on tumblr and see what you like, perhaps? :) 

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fatbestialswan asked: "Would you happen to know if Casker will be releasing anything new anytime soon, or if there are any albums that I don't know of? The albums I've heard are Planet Built with Steel, Skylab, Between, Polyester Heart, Tender, Journey, Your Songs, Wish, and 철갑혹성 (New Edition)...?? I can't seem to find a complete discography so I don't know if that's all of them."

Casker discography, in order:

so I think you got it all covered? there are compilations they’ve done also.

They’ll be on the new pastel music compilation coming out soon. vol.5 of 사랑의단상 series. FB page for the project is here. According to a recent post, they’ll be releasing two singles in October (not sure if it’ll be Casker though, since there’s other artists as well), the actual album to be released in December.

If you didn’t know though, Juuno (1/2 of Casker) released a solo EP earlier this year called Shift. 

edit: oh, and also Juuno’s been working on movie soundtracks as well, he did the score for The Terror Live released last year, Casker did a song for that called “Alive”. Juuno also did the score for a movie that just got released called “The Whistle Blower”, not sure if he did anything as Casker for that movie though!