dexterreal asked: "Hello, would you be able to introduce some of Korea's IDM/experimental hip hop producers? I'm only able to find Simo & Mood Schula and HYOO (휴), and the latter hasn't got much information about him (In english) And also, are there any industrial rock bands or electronic musicians (Im very happy with EBM) in Korea? Thank you very much!!"

gosh I am not familiar with those genres of music at all so I don’t think I can be much help to you. but toxicbiasfleurivy? mimyo? mo:tet (they’re a project band though)? are the only ones i can think of right now. 

if anyone else can help out, please do! :) 

Anonymous asked: "can you recommend me any k-indie songs that nice/good for couple or significant other? also, any k-indie woman soloist? thank you<3"

here is the previous recommendation ask about female artists, a lot of them are soloists as well. on top of that: Sun Woo Jung Ah, Kang A Sol, Yeongene, Yukari, Oh Hee Jung, Siwa, Hwang Bo Ryung, Mystery Curtain (수상한 커튼), Deb, Lang Lee, Earip, Puer Kim (pre-MYSTIC89 lol), Hereun… 

k-indie songs for couples hmmm not my specialty area. but maybe i’ll make you a playlist sometime soon….. if i can. sorry haha 

Yoon Duk Won (Broccoli, You Too) | Cloudy Way

Track Title: The Ninth Moon

Artist: 카프카

Album: Nothingness

Track Title: Entrance

Artist: 스몰오

Album: Temper Of Water

Track Title: 불편한 사람

Artist: Bulldog Mansion

Album: Tres3


BULLDOG MANSION (불독 맨션) - 불편한 사람


Fine 피네 (At Gogos 2, 2013-08-17)

Track Title: 꽃피면 같이 걸어줘요 (When Flowers Bloom, Please Take a Walk With Me)

Artist: KIRARA

Album: cts1


KIRARA꽃피면 같이 걸어줘요 (When Flowers Bloom, Please Take A Walk With Me) (“cts1”, 2014)

Track Title: The Call (연락)

Artist: Goodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈)

Album: Goodnight, Patrasche EP


Artist: Goodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈)
Song: The Call (연락)
Album: Goodnight, Patrasche EP

I recently read an interview with the bandGoodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈) on and their story and title track “The Call (연락)” immediately drew my interest. They are a modern rock indie band with 3/4 members still in college! They are super young but still have a mature sound. “The Call (연락)” is a melodic rock song with really nice vocals and instrumentals. Their music video only has 231 views, so I’m itching to spread their music and get them more well-known!

Click here to watch the MV.
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Track Title: 가시내들

Artist: 바버렛츠(The Barberettes)

Album: 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1

The Barberettes - 가시내들