Track Title: The Ninth Moon

Artist: 카프카

Album: Nothingness

Track Title: Entrance

Artist: 스몰오

Album: Temper Of Water

Track Title: 불편한 사람

Artist: Bulldog Mansion

Album: Tres3


BULLDOG MANSION (불독 맨션) - 불편한 사람


Fine 피네 (At Gogos 2, 2013-08-17)

Track Title: 꽃피면 같이 걸어줘요 (When Flowers Bloom, Please Take a Walk With Me)

Artist: KIRARA

Album: cts1


KIRARA꽃피면 같이 걸어줘요 (When Flowers Bloom, Please Take A Walk With Me) (“cts1”, 2014)

Track Title: The Call (연락)

Artist: Goodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈)

Album: Goodnight, Patrasche EP


Artist: Goodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈)
Song: The Call (연락)
Album: Goodnight, Patrasche EP

I recently read an interview with the bandGoodnight, Patrasche (굿나잇 파트라슈) on and their story and title track “The Call (연락)” immediately drew my interest. They are a modern rock indie band with 3/4 members still in college! They are super young but still have a mature sound. “The Call (연락)” is a melodic rock song with really nice vocals and instrumentals. Their music video only has 231 views, so I’m itching to spread their music and get them more well-known!

Click here to watch the MV.
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Track Title: 가시내들

Artist: 바버렛츠(The Barberettes)

Album: 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1

The Barberettes - 가시내들

Track Title: 136-140

Artist: 파블로프

Album: 26
136-140 / 파블로프

Track Title: 비가 오는 날에

Artist: O.O.O

Album: 비가 오는 날에


O.O.O - 비가 오는 날에

Track Title: 어느 가을

Artist: 한희정 (Han Hee Jung)

Album: 잔혹한 여행


어느 가을 (One Autumn) by 한희정 (Han Hee Jung)

lyrics & translation by fuckyeahkindie
live performance