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Anonymous asked: "Hi there! Any chance you could recommend some great jams for clubbing? I really enjoy idiotape's music but if you know any other songs or artists that are super catchy and fun to dance to, it would be greatly appreciated!"

looove idiotape. off the top of my head: House Rulez, Cassette Schwarzenegger, Rubystar, Glen Check, some stuff by Humming Urban Stereo, Bagagee Viphex13, smells… 

anyone else got recommendations? :) 

edit: this playlist I made is kiiiinda dancy electronic -

Anonymous asked: "Hey, so I was listening to Chicken Broadcast on Saturday and loved all the songs you played. I was wondering if you had the playlist because I'd love to listen to the songs again and check out new artists I haven't tried before. ^^? Thank you!"

you can find there here: 

sorry about the late reply! thanks for listening haha 

Track Title: Eric's Song

Artist: 최고은

Album: 최고은 1st (EP)


eric’s song | choi go eun

Track Title: 화석

Artist: Asian Chairshot

Album: 화석


ASIAN CHAIRSHOT (아시안 체어샷) - 화석

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Track Title:

Artist: 라이프 앤 타임 (Life and Time)

Album: The Great Deep

Life and Time | 강

Track Title: 그대와 춤추는 밤

Artist: Dear Cloud

Album: Let It Shine


그대와 춤추는 밤 | Dear Cloud 

Tonight with the same heart I hold both of your hand tightly 

Track Title: Sea of june

Artist: Saebyeok

Album: Rise from the ashes


SAEBYEOK - Sea of June