Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other illegal downloading, of course. Music-sharing websites, torrents, lj communities, ripping mp3 files off youtube…. googling can sometimes help, too. Don’t forget to support the artists by buying CDs! You can purchase physical albums on yesasia/gmarket/yes24, or for some artists, you can buy mp3 files on itunes. If you need help with Korean sites (like gmarket, yes24), let me know! Or google can help you too. PLEASE support the artists… they need the support. 

If you’ve tried the above methods and nothing worked, let me know, un-anon. I might help anons out from time to time, but less likely. I’m no longer going to help anons. Also, keep in mind that I’m no internet magician - I can’t always find stuff you’re looking for! I’m no longer going to help you find download links. I’ve been getting too many of download-related asks since a lot of the hosting sites went down, and if you probably can’t find it, I probably can’t either.
As long as it’s not an artist that has already been brought up in previous asks, feel free to ask! :) You can check what artists have been asked already by going through previous rec posts. Just letting you know, my recs will be limited to the artists that I like and enjoy, and although I do open it up for other people to rec artists, the best way to find new artists is on your own ;) 

 indistreet is a Korean site that lists most of the schedules, and it also has different language versions! There’s an english website called Korean Gig Guide that offers some clubs’ schedules on their site as well.(But remember that both these sites aren’t always complete!) Indistreet also has an app for their site, although I think it’s only in Korean.  A lot of the artists have twitter now, and often they’ll tweet about their gigs and such, so keep an eye on your favourite musicians’ twitters. Other than that, I’d suggest checking individual artist’s website, cyworld club, or daum/naver cafes, or individual location’s website. If you ever need help with korean, feel free to leave a message and I’ll try to help you out if I can.

Please don’t ask me this question. The definition of ‘indie’ differs from one to another, so it’s really up to you to decide whether someone’s indie or not.  

I’ve sort of grown to hate the term ‘indie’ over time and as much as I want to make things clear, I’m not going to try and define “indie” and label artists “indie” for the sake of justifying the type of posts I make on here. The term itself is flawed, people just use it because they’ve always used it and there’s no point in changing it now, but yes, there is no ‘right’ definition of indie. As such, I’ll post artists who I feel like show that Korean music is an extremely diverse market that isn’t just idol pop music, hip-hop, soppy ballads and sugary acoustic cafe music. Also, I won’t be posting artists who I feel like is well exposed, so bands like Nell, 10cm and Urban Zakapa will not be posted often. 


This was a rather irrelevant question so I didn’t put it up here initially but people ask me this constantly so I decided to put it in the FAQ. I have a lot of favourite artists! If I had to name a few, some of my all-time favourites are: Mot, Casker, Gogo Star, Nastyona, and Lucid Fall. Some recent favs include Eastern Side Kick, Black Bag, Thornapple and Romantic Punch. The list could go on and on, though. 

I do speak Korean, albeit not being extremely fluent. However, I’d like to think that I’m good enough to do some translation works or digging around Korean music sites to do whatever you want me to do :) If you have any translation queries, please feel free to leave a message. If it’s a lyrics translation that you want, go to Lyrical Movement. I won’t be taking any lyrics requests here. If you need any information on bands but can’t find anything in English, leave me a message and I’ll try my best to find some basic information. Once again, I do have other responsibilities so there are no guarantees on when it’ll be done ;)

Thanks! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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