Track Title: 올 생각을 않네

Artist: Jang Kiha and The Faces

Album: 사람의 마음

Track Title: Hole

Artist: Donawhale

Album: Donawhale

Donawhale | Hole

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Track Title: 안아줘

Artist: 김사월X김해원

Album: 비밀

Kim Sawol x Kim Haewon | Hug Me

Track Title: Misunderstood Days [Radio Edit]

Artist: Purple Haze

Album: Outstanding


청년들(The Lads) - Texas Song (Official Video)

Track Title: Botanical Garden (Yukari Remix)

Artist: 커널스트립

Album: Dazzling


커널스트립 (Kernelstrip) - Botanical Garden (Yukari Remix)


GOGOBOYS(고고보이스) - 화장은 가볍게

Track Title: 지옥으로 가버려

Artist: 김사월X김해원

Album: 비밀

지옥으로 가버려 / 김사월X김해원

For the perpetual creative block, humid lazy days or silent drive out. A take a break playlist. You know you deserve it. (listen)