Track Title: 별이 빛나는 밤

Artist: 윤덕원

Album: 흐린 길

별이 빛니는 밤 / 윤덕원

Anonymous asked: "Theres a korean music video i've seen a long time ago, but i can't rebember the name of the group or song, so in the video there's two girls, one of them have really short hair and play the keyboard, both are in a street and btw it's night time. I'm pretty sure that a cat appears too. Heelp! I really loved that song :("

gee I don’t know, but maybe something by Lucite Tokki, Okdal (옥상달빛), or J Rabbit??? 

If anybody has a clue what this might be, let us know! 

Track Title: 불신자들

Artist: 아침

Album: Hunch


Nonbelievers // Achime

Track Title: Late Love ft 윤석철

Artist: 라이너스의 담요

Album: Magic Moments


라이너스의 담요 (Linus’ Blanket) ft 윤석철 (Yoon Suk Chul) - Late Love


Epitone Project(에피톤 프로젝트) releases their mv for their new song “미움(Hate)” Vocals by Son Joo Hee (손주희)

Release: 9.15.2014

From their 3rd album released 9/16 


Track Title: 붉은 책

Artist: 폰부스 ft. 서승택

hotdarkchoco asked: "could you recommend me any RnB Soul singer except 2LSON, Zion.T, Tae Wan and 40, please? Thanks a lot"

K let me edit this so it’s more helpful… 

personal favs are Mayson the Soul, Bumkey, and Ven lately! 

if anyone else has recs throw them this way~

baekxoxo asked: "hey :D can you suggest me some good songs from standing egg, 10cm,sweet sorrow, urban zakapa and clazziquai ? and is there another artist who have music style like them ? thanks ^^"

I’ll try my best but I don’t really listen to Standing Egg and Urban Zakapa so I might not be the best person to ask! 

as for artists ummm… 10cm/Sweet Sorrow/Urban Zakapa: Raspberry Field, Yozoh, Acoustic Collabo, Winterplay,  Okdal, J Rabbit, One More Chance, Coffee Boy, Oohyo, Morrie, Tearliner, Big Baby Driver, Sweden Laundry, hmm tbh I don’t really listen to much acoustic music but there are tonssss of them out there 

clazziquai is more electronic: Humming Urban Stereo, Instant Romantic Floor, The Solutions, The Koxx, Glen Check, and if you haven’t already Clazzi’s solo stuff is excellent, W & Whale, W & Jas, Roller Coaster, House Rulez, Love x Stereo, From the Airport, maybe even Big Phony..

if anyone else has recs please send them this way!

burrr I hope that helps! also as for other rec asks, I’m so sorry I’ll get to them eventually!! :( 

Track Title: 감염

Artist: Guckkasten

Album: 감염


GUCKKASTEN (국카스텐) - 감염

Track Title: 비밀

Artist: 이장혁

Album: 이장혁 Vol.3

비밀 / 이장혁