nerdska asked: "Hey ho. Do u know where in seoul do they sell k-indie / underground music cds? Mayb some k-ska or khiphop....."

Most big book stores should have a music section where they sell CDs. Look up Kyobo Bookstore locations - the big Kyobo stores have Hottracks (핫트랙스) in them, which is their music store. They have a lot of different genres of CDs (and some even LPs!) so I’m sure you will be able to find something you’d want. If not, they can always order for you, if it’s not out of print.

Other than that, in the Hongdae area there should be a couple of stores. MHD Record (미화당레코드) is the one I went frequently, although since they’ve moved I haven’t been. Hyang Music also has a store somewhere in Shinchon, they tend to have an indie focus so worth a visit. 

Gimbab Records is another place in Hongdae where you can get CDs and LPs. 

I feel like there are more small independent music stores in hongdae?? I’ve been to another one in that area that was nice, I can’t remember what it was called though. Explore around, perhaps! 

If anyone else can name others, let us know! :) 

Track Title: 마성의여자 (Fairysm Girl)

Artist: 허지영 (Heo Jee Young)


Finally something new and refreshing in the K-indie world! Heo Jee Young started her K-indie career with this song, “Fairysm Girl”. Her voice is soft and a bit childish and she sings perfectly. I’m looking forward to listen her other songs! I hope you’ll like it too. 


내게 모여든 사람들 하나둘씩 내게 빠져드네
알 수 없는 마력에 끌려 헤어 나오지 못하는 그대를
난 꺼내줄 생각 없어 마성의 여자를 만난 그대를

아 호기심에 조금만 더 한 발자국만 더
아 알게 되면 알수록 더 위험에 빠져
내 어둠 속의 마성을 끌어올려 
너에게 내 마지막 마지막의 진심을 담아

난 꺼내줄 생각 없어 마성의 여자를 만난 그대를
아 호기심에 조금만 더 한 발자국만 더
아 알게 되면 알수록 더 위험에 빠져
내 어둠 속의 마성을 끌어올려 
너에게 내 마지막 마지막의 진심을 담아

Track Title: Lovesound

Artist: 몽니

Album: Follow My Voice


Song of the Day. New album is pretty flawfree.  I’d forgotten how much I love the singer’s voice. He’s almost to Moon level.

Track Title: 수화

Artist: 피네(fine)

Album: bright #2

피네 (fine) | 수화

Track Title: 다른 사람 곁은 찬란한가요

Artist: 비스윗(Besweet)

Album: 2집 새폴더 (New Folder)

Track Title: 동창

Artist: Amado Leejaram Band

Album: 크레이지 배가본드


AMADO LEEJARAM BAND (아마도이자람밴드) - 동창

Track Title: 태양을 맞으러

Artist: 델리스파이스(Delispice)

Album: 타임머신


델리스파이스(Delispice) - 태양을 맞으러 (Greet The Sun)


hey all, please take a moment to pray/send well-wishes/whatever it is you do for the families, survivors, and the hundreds still missing after a ferry sank off korea.  also, please keep in mind the rescue teams as they continue searching for the missing — the ocean is apparently very muddy, so visibility is poor.  most of the passengers on the ferry were second-year high school students, a fact that doesn’t make this any less or any more tragic, but please send out a prayer for their parents and families.

thank you.

(more information on the new york times and bbc,)

Track Title: 다르다는 것(Blind)

Artist: 어반자카파(URBAN ZAKAPA)


"When I thought I finally knew everything about you
You show me a different side of you…